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11 April 2018Bernard Leach and his influence on the 20thC studio ceramics He was trained to be a potter in Japan and with a deep desire to bring East and West together
14 March 2018Leipzig: architecture, art and music - J.S. Bach, Mendelssohn and the Gewandhaus
14 February 2018Not just log cabins - historic arcitecture of the American West For sheer variety this lecture is hard to beat. From cliff dwellings to Frank Lloyd Wright's School
17 January 2018Peasant pastimes? The Art of Pieter Brueghel the Elder This lecture will show that there is more to Brueghel than peasant paintings making merry
13 December 2017Picturing the Nativity: painting by numbers: 15thC artists reinterpret the scriptures.The lecture will explore Italian and Flemish paintings.
08 November 2017Saints & Sinners: Women in the Dutch Golden Age
04 October 2017Three great families and their gardens A history of the lives of the Astors, the Rothschilds and the Sackville Wests and their gardens
10 May 2017Misia Sert, Muse to Renoir & Others by Julian Halsby
12 April 2017Copenhagen and its 4 Historic Castles by Hanne Sutcliffe
15 March 2017The Renaissance Art of Armour by Tobias Capwell
15 February 2017The Tragic Beauty of Ice by Peter Warwick
18 January 2017Looted Art in the 20th Century by Shauna Isaac
14 December 2016Nativity in Art from Giotto to Picasso by Clare Ford-Wille
09 November 2016Botticelli's Florence by Paula Nuttall
12 October 2016Popes & Painters in Provence by Caroline Rayman
11 May 2016From the East Indies to Indonesia: legacies of colonialism and fine art in Indonesia, 1830 to the present day.
13 April 2016Leonardo’s Hands
09 March 2016The Model Wife? Effie Gray & Other Women in Pre-Raphaelite Art
10 February 2016CHANGED --- Revolutionary Russia: The Avant-Garde and Visual Russia
13 January 2016Europalia Turkey
09 December 2015The Wallace Collection’s Rembrandt: From Twelve to One, but now Three and Two Halves
11 November 2015Goya [expo @ National Gallery]
13 October 2015Man with a Blue Scarf: Portrait by Lucien Freud !!! Exceptionally - on a Tuesday !!!
06 May 2015The Female Body in Classical Painting: Subject or Object?
15 April 2015Laos: from Historic Buddhist Temples to Modern Silkweaving
11 March 2015Modigliani and Bohemian Paris: The Years 1906-1920
11 February 2015Modern Italian Gardens: La Mortella
14 January 2015Napoleon Seen by Friend and Foe
10 December 2014Rebel in Glass: Louis Comfort Tiffany
12 November 2014Andrea Palladio’s Venetian Villas
15 October 2014America’s Realist Genius: Edward Hopper
07 May 2014The Forbidden City: Secrets of China’s Imperial Palace and Museum
09 April 2014Crazy Years: the Jazz Age in Paris 1920-1930
12 March 2014The History of the Skyscraper
12 February 2014David Hockney: a Bigger Splash
15 January 2014Urbino: the Palace, the Patron and Piero della Francesca
11 December 2013The Genius of Antonio Stradivari
13 November 2013The Charisma of Caravaggio
09 October 2013Picasso, Man Ray and Max Ernst Seen through the Eyes of Lee Miller

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Bernard Leach and his influence on the 20thC studio ceramics He was trained to be a potter in Japan and with a deep desire to bring East and West together Diana Lloyd Wednesday 11 April 2018